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The Guernsey Dyslexia Forum

The Guernsey Dyslexia Forum was formed in 2005 as an adult support group for dyslexics. Members meet regularly to discuss a wide range of issues related to dyslexia.

The forum aims to promote the vision of a dyslexia friendly society and works with families and employers providing advice and guidance.

The Forum has produced leaflets giving advice to employers on dyslexia. There is also information for teachers and parents.

What do Richard Branson, Eddie Izzard, Cher and Tom Cruise have in common? They are all dyslexic. There are many successful and famous dyslexics. Click here to see some of them.

If you think you may be dyslexic, there is a simple checklist which may be useful. Follow this link and print out the checklist. However, to confirm dysexic tendencies, you should be screened by a qualified person.

If you would like to contact the Forum, please call Janet Wakefield on 737581 or click here to email.